Improving Sexual Relations: Kegel Exercises and Their Effect on Men’s Health

Are there methods of treatment without medicines, when a person can cure himself with the strength and energy of his body? Yes, there are. This sphere of life is much more diverse than we can imagine. There are methods of non-drug cure, and one of such methods is a complex of Kegel exercises for men.

Technique and Benefits of Kegel Exercises

American gynecologist Arnold Kegel lived in the forties of the last century. During treatment of his patients, he drew attention to the fact that many of them suffer from syndrome of involuntary urination after pregnancy and delivery. Kegel came to a conclusion that the reason for this lies in stretching of pelvic muscles that occurs during labor. A special complex of exercises developed by him for this group of muscles helped to get rid of this problem for many of his patients.

In addition, he noticed that many women after systematic training not only solved the problem of incontinence, but also improved their intimate lives (intensity of orgasms, their increased duration and control).

Kegel Exercises for Men

Nowadays specialists proved and confirmed in practice that this set of exercises in a slightly modified version is suitable for men. In systematic studies, male patients not only got rid of the syndrome of premature urination, but also improved their erection and ability to prolong the time of a sexual intercourse and control the process of ejaculation.

Most andrologists agree with the fact that Kegel exercises are an excellent way to prevent such diseases as prostatitis and hemorrhoids. Some physiologists insist that with the help of systematic exercises it is possible not only to prevent these diseases, but also to successfully treat them. The easiest way to find the muscles that we are going to train is to feel them in the perineum, between the testicles and the anus. When you learn how to compress this muscle around the prostate, you can delay ejaculation and strengthen orgasmic contractions.

To start this complex and understand where these muscles are, try to interrupt the process of urination several times. The muscle involved in this is the correct one. Another way to recognize this group of muscles is to lift up the penis when it is erected. Kegel exercises increase the tone of pelvic muscles that surround the base of the penis, which enhances the blood supply to these muscles and the penis, and a good blood flow improves erection. In some cases such exercises can even replace Tadalafil daily dose or some other medication that you use to improve potency.

Having mastered the contraction and relaxation of these muscles, you can control the onset of ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourses.

Is There a Way to Treat Both ED and PE?

The two of the most common sexual issues that men face are premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED). The main thing about these issues that man of all ages may face them. There’s a common misconception: ED and PE do not occur in men past 60 only. Many younger people suffer from one of the above, or the both.

Highlighting the Differences

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the inability to get/maintain an erection. The causes may vary, they include heart issues, diabetes, smoking, heavy drinking, being overweight and several others. ED can be treated with certain medication, the most common being tadalafil – namely Tadalis SX.
On the other hand, premature ejaculation is characterized by the inability to control one’s ejaculatory response. While there are many physical causes for PE, including unhealthy lifestyle in general, most common causes are psychological. The usual treatment for PE includes medications that increase sexual stamina/performance and exercises, and therapy. The last two are also vital, yet frequently overlooked.

Are ED and PE related?

Despite the differences and them being seemingly mutually exclusive, ED and PE are linked. One might be a primary issue, the second one is a secondary concern. There are way too many studies, all highlighting the correlation between the two. There are many examples that show ED and PE overlapping and co-existing, which makes matter even worse for a patient.

The Complex Approach

With the right approach, you can treat the both of them. There’s a huge variety of pelvic exercises you need to be doing if you suffer from the aforementioned issues. You can use condoms and these help both in ED and PE. Most important of all, you have to pick the right medication to help your progress. The industry standard is Tadalis, it helps both get/maintain an erection and delay orgasm. Other pills work either on ED or on PE, but not on the both of them. Taking some of them together might lead to serious side-effects. The most common oral medications include: antidepressants (one of the side-effects is delayed orgasm, but you can’t rely on a side-effect), analgesics, other kinds of PDE-5 drugs.

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