Case Western Reserve University receives a $20.

‘Furthermore to making a considerable investment inside our faculty who work at the cutting edge, the endowment income will make sure that the institution remains a pace-setter in educating world-class doctors and advancing the cure and treatment of disease.’ Donald Goodman was a 1945 graduate of the Case Western Reserve University College of Dental Medicine, which will benefit from the endowment also. ‘This endowment gives the School of Dental Medicine the opportunity to improve our role as leaders in both dental care education and analysis,’ stated Jerry S. Continue reading

CYP2J2 implicated in preeclampsia By Nikki Withers.

The researchers after that performed experiments in a transgenic preeclamptic rat model which featured hypertension and albuminuria from day time 13 of being pregnant and beyond. They found that 5,6-EET and 5,6-DHET amounts were significantly elevated weighed against normal pregnant rats, whereas other metabolites were not significantly dysregulated. Furthermore, pharmacologic inhibition of CYP epoxygenases or cyclooxygenase reduced hypertension and increased puppy weight. This, say the experts, indicates that enhanced EET biosynthesis may play a detrimental role in the development of preeclampsia. Most of these novel findings may come as a shock, when compared to previous studies demonstrating specifically beneficial functions of EETs in the regulation of cardiovascular and renal function, say Herse et al. Continue reading

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MedEd Architects announced the launch of a series of on-going educational programs specifically targeted to reach as many as 2.6 million Chinese physicians. The series includes live symposia and web-based programs developed in partnership with renowned US -based medical centers and leading Chinese medical societies. Programs will be accessed through a branded web portal designed to generate awareness of new treatment choices among Chinese physicians.