Effect of Diabetes on Men’s Potency

Diabetes mellitus is a very complex disease, requiring considerable effort to maintain a normal life. This disease is complete or partial deficiency of insulin, and as a consequence, the metabolic process of carbohydrates is disrupted, and then there is no utilization of glucose by tissues. Its complexity lies in the fact that at first it does not show up at all. The first sign of diabetes is an increase of glucose levels in blood (hyperglycemia) because of its isolation from the urine (glycosuria). Then, or at the same time, the exchange of fats, proteins and water-salt balance are disturbed, which leads to changes in hormonal and metabolic processes in the body.

Diabetes mellitus is a pretty common disease for men after 40. This disease leaves a mark on the work of all organs and systems, including potency. Usually, men seek medical help because of these problems. But it is important to understand that the earlier you find out your diagnosis, the easier it will be to fight this disease.

Problems with potency arise due to the violation of the work of organs, which cannot fully perform their functions. On the background of increased blood sugar, the glands do not produce enough hormones, especially male hormone testosterone. That negatively affects sexual attraction and erection. Diabetes mellitus can cause premature ejaculation. The nervous system also suffers, and it can lead to total absence of intimate life due to stress, mood swings and other ailments. The immunity decreases, weakness is felt, inflammation of the pelvic organs may become more frequent. Vessels also suffer, the walls become narrow and rigid, and accumulate glucose deposits. Therefore, at the first signs of diabetes it is necessary to ask for medical help urgently.

Sometimes a man with diabetes at age 35-40, who has experienced this disease, lives an active sex life and has healthy children. Everything depends on each specific situation. It is important to follow the recommendations of doctors. When all the prescriptions are fulfilled, the potency of diabetic patients can be maintained just like in healthy people. If the disease is at its beginning phase, then medications for erectile dysfunction treatment (like Cialis 20 mg) can be very effective.

Diabetes is divided into two main types:

  • I type – (insulin-dependent), develops at a younger age up to 30.
  • II type – (insulin-independent), this type is much more common. The disease usually develops in age after 40. People with diabetes mellitus of this type are often overweight.

As for bad habits with diabetes mellitus, you need to quit them all, because they do more harm for you than to a healthy person. Also doctors noted that optimists usually achieve great results in treatment of diabetes mellitus. So pay more attention to your health conditions and live a long and fruitful life.

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