Antibodies neutralize mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus.

Antibodies neutralize mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus, researchers reveal Researchers have learned the precise framework of the mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus pathogen while it will antibodies, showing the way the infection is probable neutralized sildenafil dosage . The findings could help experts develop effective vaccines against the contamination, which causes symptoms identical to dengue fever, followed by an extended disease that affects the joints and causes severe arthritis. In recent outbreaks, some full cases progressed to fatal encephalitis. The researchers studied ‘virus-like contaminants,’ or noninfectious types of the virus. They also obtained near atomic-scale quality of the virus attached to four individual antibodies.

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MedEd Architects announced the launch of a series of on-going educational programs specifically targeted to reach as many as 2.6 million Chinese physicians. The series includes live symposia and web-based programs developed in partnership with renowned US -based medical centers and leading Chinese medical societies. Programs will be accessed through a branded web portal designed to generate awareness of new treatment choices among Chinese physicians.